John Hansard Gallery

Abducted by aliens, yet feet firmly on earth – this can only mean one thing: dreaming. Haroon Mirza’s Waves and Forms at the John Hansard Gallery transcends our very consciousness into another dimension. This is the very purpose of the show, Mirza states, the installations allow us to let our minds drift from reality, and […]


What does the library mean to you? What does the library mean to you? Knowledge. As part of the library induction we were proposed in groups to curate a visual representation of what the library means to us. Collectively we deliberated and landed on the word knowledge – the contents of a library gives us […]


Obrist’s ‘Kitchen’ exhibition is of huge influence for this exhibition. The mix between Art and Reality and Art and Life. The artists involved in the exhibition did not alter the space they were provided with, rather they adapted to it, they injected their work within the kitchen and became part of the room – part […]


Hopefully by having this more approachable and interactive exhibition it will allow more dialogue about the Art. The visitor can feel confident to ask questions in an informal manner within the venue with no pressure to understand or feel intimidated by the artwork of space. “An in-between situation that linked art, design, architecture, bringing people […]


Lucy Lippard was interested in the concept of Art not neceserily existing in physical form. It coul dbe a social event, the life found within cities and communities. “Transform the activity of Art making into something experienced daily by the inhabitants of the cities […] taking artwork outside of the museum system […] into the […]


Hans Ulrich Obrist talks about the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ – a collection of artworks and mediums displayed together – this concept could be interesting for the Southsea Green exhibition as the whole venue, once curated, could be a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ in itself. If it were made into an experience, an event, not just a display of it we […]


Continuing from p.2 regarding overcrowding and the white cube gallery spaces… This concept of ‘Overcrowding’ is also something I would like to explore personally within my own illustrative practice. By putting the pictures in close proximity to each other like in the 18th nd 19th century galleries it could almost represent a comic book structure, […]


Philippe Perrano says in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist “Rather than walking through an exhibition, it is delivered to you” (Ways of Curating, Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2014). Even though this is in regards to them playing with the idea of time rather than physicality, the concept of not having art ‘forced’ upon you in a […]

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