Obrist’s ‘Kitchen’ exhibition is of huge influence for this exhibition. The mix between Art and Reality and Art and Life. The artists involved in the exhibition did not alter the space they were provided with, rather they adapted to it, they injected their work within the kitchen and became part of the room – part of everyday life.

“There were no didactic panels or sound guides, and visitors moved where they wished through the rooms, encountering unexpected works of Art in unexpected places.”

Hans Ulrich Obrist on ‘Kitchen’, Ways of Curating, 2014

By placing our own work within our life, our own reality of the garden space inside of the city it could be like introducing the general public to our own reality – a collision of lives.

The idea of having it within an unusual space like the community garden is to create a venue that Art can occupy, rather than just filling an existing room with Art we are creating our own room, our own new, fresh space for Art to reside. This gives the area we are occupying a concept all of it’s own, it no longer is just a garden but a home for our work tailored just for us, an exhibition for visitors to discover our reality and how we perceive not only Art but the Art World.

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