What does the library mean to you?

What does the library mean to you? Knowledge.

As part of the library induction we were proposed in groups to curate a visual representation of what the library means to us. Collectively we deliberated and landed on the word knowledge – the contents of a library gives us infinite knowledge, research and learning.

Our visual representation attempted to reflect this. Choosing a selection of books from a multitude of subjects to showcase the diversity in academia that the library offers. Using the computer to represent how a libraries resources aren’t purely on the shelves (our access to online journals, magazines and even online books provided by the library).

The physical layout of the books we displayed was an attempt to draw the audience in a direction to and from the computer, linking both key resources that the library has to offer. The loosely strewn books on the table representing how knowledge is expanding and not something that exists in a neatly organised structure.

Our collection of books ranged from academic writing to Chinese studies support book, showing that the library isn’t solely about gaining knowledge – it is also about the support it provides.

This was the other groups visual representation ‘Ocean of Knowledge’ – representing the ocean with the colour scheme and how knowledge isn’t contained to one subject area.

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