p.2 Cont.

Continuing from p.2 regarding overcrowding and the white cube gallery spaces…

This concept of ‘Overcrowding’ is also something I would like to explore personally within my own illustrative practice. By putting the pictures in close proximity to each other like in the 18th nd 19th century galleries it could almost represent a comic book structure, a story telling of the illustrations?

On a side note – could having the ‘White Cube’ be a distraction just also – humans so not live in a reality where there are white walls surrounding what we look at, it’s unnatural to perceive Art that has been orchestrated into something so prestigious. It should be displayed in a way in which the visitor feels comfortable and not intimidated by the formality of a gallery.

Would the space at Southsea Green remind visitors of gardens and parks, a familiarity with lots of aesthetic noise surrounding the work?

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