I have regrettably left advertisement for the show very late and only just started designing a poster for the exhibition. We wanted to incorporate the theme of the show being based within a garden on the poster as well as making it eye catching and simple to engage potential goers. This is the first idea for a poster/ flyer to print and post online…

I wanted to use bold and contrasting colours to make the poster stand out – the shocking pink makes the green eye catching. Keeping the whole design simple, this will be the extent of the decorations on the poster.
The third and final colour used is gold, it adds further texture to the image however I am unsure how this colour will look when it is reproduced – the gold may not be shiny once scanned or photographed.
This is the final first idea for a poster, although the image does not show the gold the colour contrasts work well to make it eye catching and the simplicity of the information on the poster will hopefully make it easy to read and understand.

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