In ‘Exhibition’ by Lucy Steeds, Peter Osbourne is quoted in using the term “Constructive Intent” in regards to exhibitions not just being a display of the aesthetic, but a creation in itself, a construction of a space with intent to probe discussion, debates and ideas.

Exhibitions do not exist to make the audience question how the space was constructed, they exist to make the audience question the art, and perhaps even the art in relation to the space. Exhibitions create debates, ideas and inspiration, with little regard to the surroundings.

Steeds talks about the idea of broadening the ‘Exhibition’ to non exhibition goers. Making the space approachable by not labelling it as an exhibition at all, maybe even addressing it in an entirely different way, ditching words like contemporary, modern and even exhibition itself. I’d like to experiment with this concept for the Southsea Green exhibition – or as I may now address it ‘an intrigue for the visual senses’ (maybe not).

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